Architecture & Dance IV

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Celebrating the essence of architecture & the art of dance is the Architecture & Dance series. Started back in year 2011; 2015 witnesses the 4th incarnation of the series with contemporary dancers, Melody Tee from Lasalle & Azmie Zanal Abdden of Aswara.


That was a brief session with the duo in and around Kuala Lumpur, looking forward to working with them once more!

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Get motivated


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Beginning is always tough. You require motivation or support to begin. Getting motivated is not tough task. How you can be motivated..

  •  Biggest motivation would be in your bedroom only. Yes… Your wardrobe. When you are not getting fit in old or existing clothes that means its time you should start concentrating on your health ( That what happened in my case)
  • Perfect body shape of your bollywood actor / actress idols.
  • When you visit clothes section in mall and you feel now its time you should move from size M to size S or smaller than that.

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Book Review: ‘A Pocket Full of Rye’ by Agatha Christie

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Pritam Kothari:

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My Rating*****

It’s been a long time since I have posted anything related to Agatha Christie and you lovely readers will be wondering about my ‘Agatha Christie Reading Challenge’. Well! The challenge is on and I have been reading Christie’s books on a regular basis. This is just that I am not finding time to write and publish the reviews of the same. However, here I am with my review of a new Christie book -‘A Pocket Full of Rye’.

‘A Pocket Full of Rye’ by Agatha Christie is one of those books where both the title and a sustainable part of the book refer to a nursery rhyme. The story begins with the death of businessman Rex Fortescue by taxine poisoning. A handful of grains of rye are found in one of the pockets of murdered businessman. Among the suspects are his office and housekeeping staff, his young…

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