10 important things a business plan should ideally contain

http://pritzone.blogspot.com/2010/08/10-important-things-business-plan.html%5B1%5D The first thing to consider for a good business plan is size of the market. What speed is it growing at. How large a pie of this market can your product/service capture?
[2] Problem statement. What is the problem you are solving, who’s your customer, where do you see yourself in five years?
[3] Description of the key people in your company — their past successes and area of expertise
[4] What is the product/service you are offering? How does it help? What’s unique about it? Describe the tech
[5] Describe your business model? Quantify benefits to customers? How much can you charge?
[6] What stage of development are you at? What is the plan going forward?
[7] What is your go-to-market strategy? Any backup plans?
[8] Who are the current or future players in this market? How are you different? Are their any barriers to entry?
[9] Yearly financial projections up to five years which should be optimistic but realistic
[10] How much money are you looking to raise? How long will it last? What will it be used for?


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