How to turn an Interview into a Job

  1. CALL the day before your interview to confirm the appointment (time, location) and ask if there is anything you need to bring with you. This helps you stand out from the other candidates, shows interest and preparation.
  2. Do RESEARCH on the company you are interviewing with, this will build your comfort level, will assist you in answering a few key questions and again will show your interest in the position.
  3. BODY LANGUAGE is huge in an interview! Have an open posture such as slight forward lean, uncrossed legs and arms. Mirror their gestures to help build rapport by sitting in a similar manner, similar hand movements, facial expressions. Of course your not copying every move, just slightly mirroring.
  4. So, do YOU have any QUESTIONS ? Always say YES to this and have a few questions prepared, have at least 6 ready since some of your pre prepared questions may have been answered during the interview. Speak as if you already work with the company, ex. instead of asking What are your goals for….? say What are our goals for….?
Your interview IS OVER *whew, give them a nice firm handshake (as you did when you arrived), thank them for their time and always, always follow up with a thank you phone call or email. When doing this, again, mention a point or two

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