Mukesh – A Soulful Journey

Ek din bik jayega maati ke mol
Jug me reh jaayenge pyaare tere bol
Ek duje ke hothon ko deke apne geet
Koi nishani chodd, fir duniya se bol
Ek din bik jaayega maati ke bol…

Legendary singer Mukesh is not a popular household name unlike star singers like Rafi and Kishore. The singer sang most of his song for legendary filmmaker and actor Raj Kapoor. But he was much more than the playback for Raj Kapoor.  Mukesh was a singer of the masses in the era of 50s and 60s. His songs were simple and humable and they reflected the hopes and aspiration of the common man. His singing was sincere that it touched your heart.


Sab kuch seekha humne
Naa seekhi hoshiyaari…

Like everyone my playlist is dominated by songs of Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar. However including some of Mukesh’s songs in the playlist made it complete.  Make my listening experience more interesting.


Not all his songs are sad. Songs like Chandan sa badan, Suhaana safar aur yeh mausam haseen, Mera juta hai Japani, Ramaiya vastavaiya will keep running through your head. There is no doubt in my mind that his songs create a everlasting impression in your mind as you easily relate to them. The song that really touched my heart was Kahin Dur Jab Din Dhal Jaaye from the Movie Anand (1971). For me it’s a fine example of a song that manages to be very touching without descending into a dirge. This song triggered a hunt to explore his fine work.

Kindly share your views and your fav Mukesh song.

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  1. Snob says:

    Miss old songs!

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    1. They are the best 😊

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  2. Akriti says:

    What a lovely post . Thanks for writing . Was a pleasure reading it 🙂


    1. thank you so much…kindly read other post too :))

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