Jogger’s Love



It is 6.30 in the morning. Sun is growing big. Winter is saying bye and summer is saying hello. Cool breeze and warm sun making it pleasureable for morning walk. All the health consious people living nearby the railway parallel road walk along the peaceful road.
Viva is in a hurry. She is late. But, as usual Vaibhav is late. She reached their regular meeting point at sharp 6.30. And he comes a while after she comes. They jog together since months. They both share their birthday, their profession and even their music taste.
“Vaibhav, you are as usual late.!”
“Am sorry mam. Couldn’t wake up on time.”
“Ohho.. chalo, now lets go..”
And they would jog for around 45-50 minutes.  Talking about current issues, movies, songs, their work. Vaibhav and Viva, they both were so compatible for each other that any problem anyone had, the other had a solution…

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