20 seconds of courage

Even as we are aware that taking a courageous step is of utmost importance still we hesitate. This hesitation needs to go away


We all have a moment in our lives to which we look back and think, ‘if only I had tried’. Why didn’t we try. It was new for us, it was something we had never done before, afraid we might make a fool out of ourselves, trying to escape the embarrassment. But now we just look back and regret, ‘if only I had the courage to begin’.

It was not really difficult to make a move. You just need courage to go up and start it. 20 seconds of courage….  That’s all we need. If we had done what we wanted to do, it might have been embarrassing, but that would saved the regret that we have today. People may look at you oddly, not because you are a fool, because you are different from them. They will try to judge you for what you do. But the best thing about…

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