Why Is Instagram Addictive

Instagram is a social networking site which helps users to share photo they click with their smartphones. the beauty is that you don’t have to be a well trained photographer to be popular here. the beauty of Instagram is that it allows you to be creative. It allows us to apply different filters which changes the photograph dramatically. I follow some amazing accounts which forces me to check Instagram often.

What Makes Instagram Fun

The one tool in my option which makes Instagram fun is its filters. Instagram offers a variety of filters. If you apply the right filter on the photo you have clicked it turns your ordinary photo into a work of art. I will post a lot of photos which grabbed my attention just to prove my point and I am sure it will change the way you have been looking to this platform until now.

I am sure most of you must be sharing some awesome moments with your friends and family on Instagram. But after watching these amazing pics you will try to find some amazing shots where ever you go and already start thinking which filters would suit it best once you captured a shot. Instagram can be addictive I must say.

batu-caves-malasia black-and-white-night covered-in-snow darryl_jones empty-studio get-inspired-50-amazing-shots-taken-with-instagram.w654 insta-1 instagram_29 kkuiper-instagram-fromwhereistandblended3 Oni_one_-Miners-Castle Photo-by-beeinspiredyoga raising-gotham street_art2 wine-timeIf you like this post kindly subscribe to my blog and also share this post on social media platforms below. And also post your valuable comments 


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  1. I like this post….great Instagram photos


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      1. You’re welcome, thanks for the likes too

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  2. thomasoutt says:

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    I am very happy to hear from you & touched that you enjoyed my blog about the recently late actress Lizabeth Scott. I do not know much about ‘popular”/recent/20th 21st Century Indian culture. Am happy to read your blog to fill in what is a huge gap for me. Considering just how large India is, we Americans owe it to ourselves to learn more about it. Your blog will enable us to fill that gap! Thank you.

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    1. thank you so much 🙂


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