Book Review: On the Street Where You Live by Mary Higgins Clark

“On the Street Where You Live” is another one of Clark’s intriguing murder mysteries. I think it’s the best of her work as she delivers another gripping, complex novel.

Emily Graham the protaganist, who has moved back to her hometown of Spring Lake 51M5695Y38Lwhere three murders have taken place about a century ago. Here she becomes involved in the case when the skeleton of one of the victims is found buried in her backyard, and from then on, she’s determined to figure out what really happened to those three victims so many years ago. As a result she becomes a threat to a seductive killer…who chooses her as the next victim.


The Author is known as Queen of Suspense writing and she needs no introduction. I had read The Lottery Winner one of her popular novel and really enjoyed it. I will review this book later. However I was aware of her style of writing and this book (On the Street Where You Live) didn’t disappoint. I read it in one go and I thoroughly  enjoyed it. It has a very compelling storyline hence I give this one a five star. Highly recommended.

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