Baarish (1957)

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I was planning to review two movies starring Nutan- both previously watched and liked. One was Dilli Ka Thug and the other movie was to have been Paying Guest – a movie I love because of the Dev Anand- Nutan pairing and the music. But there was a change in plan after I came across this lesser known film of hers –  Zindagi Ya Toofan opposite Pradeep Kumar. In general, I am fond of Muslim socials and thought I would enjoy this one too. So I started watching it but gave up after the first 10 minutes – the print was bad and somehow it failed to get my attention. Maybe some day I will get around to watching it…

And then it struck me that of the four films Dev Anand and Nutan worked in, I had yet to see Baarish. Tere Ghar Ke Saamne and Paying Guest –…

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