Internationally Irrational Questions to celebrate “An Average Women’s Day” …

Thought provoking

Toofan Express.........................

Tomorrow is 8th March- “International Women’s Day”.

Flipcart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Goodread,Twitter, Facebook- even Prime Minister’s Office has also reminded me that!

Kinda Its a day if I will forget or will not celebrate being woman, the world will end and I will be the sole responsible.

Yes, I am biologically a Woman, and I need not to add I am proud of being. I count myself more a Human than narrowing the categorization towards being woman.

Okay, I am born as XX Chrome, But I don’t expect extra respect, care, concern, sympathy or special advantages for that reason! Instead, This “Women’s Day”, being Woman, I urge all to respect, love, care, concern for all Humans- same ways.

Badly we need “Human’s Day” in place of “Women’s Day”!

I don’t mind wishing you- “Happy Women’s Day”, as far as the wish and words are not charged or taxable. But…

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