Why Is Mystery Genre So Popular


The mystery novel is one of the most popular genres in the world and these books is second only to that of romance stories.

What is it about mystery novels that makes them so readable, so addictive? You know the feeling. You snuggle up in bed or on a couch and become totally immersed in a world of suspense, secrets, and danger. You are so keen to reach for the climax of the story and once you reach there you are left wanting for more….

The greatest single attraction of the mystery novel is the character of the detective. Take for example Sherlock Holmes or a Hercule Poirot we have read and enjoyed most of their novels. The novels we have not yet read are in our to be read list. I am confident you will agree.

We talk about characters as if they were real people. Reading books about a series detective is like spending time with a friend,


The Readers:


bigmidgetmurdersnever-say-no-to-a-killerReaders who are into reading mysteries are intelligent people and it appeals to their sense of curiosity. We enjoy non stop action involving cat and mouse chase.  The psychological makeup and motivational drives of characters fascinates us. Most mystery readers are as interested in how and why a crime is committed as they are in who committed it. Sifting through clues and analysing them as the story progresses adds challenge.

Readers respond to books because they can relate to one of the characters.   With a sleuth, or amateur detective, we respond because we can become part of the solution.  We’re on the winning team, capturing villains, killers, and righting wrongs.

Mystery fans also want to marvel at the genius of the Detective as he finally solves the crime. Indeed, the reader loves to match wits with the sleuth and the criminal—and the author. Perhaps our most satisfying experience is to figure out “Who did it?” before the end of the book.



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  1. For starters, i attribute my choice of reading mystery since childhood and intelligence that are interconected.That was a good piece , short but interesting 👌.. Will get to your other writeups

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    1. Thank you so much 😊 appreciate it 😊

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