A Paranormal Thriller of Some Weird Kind of Dreams

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The Indian publishing industry is growing day by day. The tremendous success of authors like Chetan Bhagat, Amish, Ashwin Sanghi and many others have encouraged a number of aspiring writers to pick up the pen. As a result, a number of authors are coming out with their debut works every year. However, while the number of such works in India is increasing at an alarming rate, there are very few works that you can rate as worth reading or having some sort of substance. In other words, among the growing number of Indian authors, there are very few who impress you with their works. The book under review is one such  work, which you may call as an impressive first appearance of a young writer.

Dreams Dont LieImage Source: goodreads.com

‘Dreams Don’t Lie’ is the first novel of Anusuya M., who is an engineer by profession and writer by passion…

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