Book Review: ‘A Pocket Full of Rye’ by Agatha Christie

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It’s been a long time since I have posted anything related to Agatha Christie and you lovely readers will be wondering about my ‘Agatha Christie Reading Challenge’. Well! The challenge is on and I have been reading Christie’s books on a regular basis. This is just that I am not finding time to write and publish the reviews of the same. However, here I am with my review of a new Christie book -‘A Pocket Full of Rye’.

‘A Pocket Full of Rye’ by Agatha Christie is one of those books where both the title and a sustainable part of the book refer to a nursery rhyme. The story begins with the death of businessman Rex Fortescue by taxine poisoning. A handful of grains of rye are found in one of the pockets of murdered businessman. Among the suspects are his office and housekeeping staff, his young…

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You teach me Stats, and I’ll teach you Accounts.



Like nothing can stop the waves of water to move forward, nothing could stop him from telling her what was running in his mind. He could tell her everything. And she would listen to him very patiently. She loved the way he said the stories of his day, about his thoughts on anyone’s action or behaviour. She admired the expressions on his face while telling the story, the animation of various moods on one face. Everything.
Today Viren was going to tell her the most important decision of his life. He was going to other city to pursue his further studies. He wanted to get best education. So he decided to go the other city for master’s degree.
“Tarjani, I am going to Ahmedabad for the masters.”
Tarjani was aback for once. As she did not even imagine a day without meeting Viren. The daily evening walks by the river…

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Their System porous drowns the chorus,
Of intrepid devourers who implore us
To trust To buy To love the lie,
To fight the fight inside
A reckoning that holds us stilled,
Composed, repurposed to be distilled
Bubbling constructed buildings babbling,
Distracted by the mighty fumbling
Up the rabbit hole we are tumbling,
Coming to an awakening of faces
Facing their frightening disgraces,
Blinking away our tears
Using us for our easy fears.

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Standing out in a world that constantly tries to fit you in, is the hardest thing to do. The more free spirited you are ,the more pressurizing it gets to conform to the set standards of society. The more evolved you are, the more difficult it gets to connect to people. Being yourself and living your life according to your own terms and conditions is the biggest victory one can achieve in a life time. Very very few people are able to pursue being themselves. They conform easily and do not have the strength to stand up for themselves. The rest of the people include individuals like me who fight hidden battles every day just to be themselves. The fight is difficult. Really difficult but worth it.

If you happen to be one of those people who are elevated and hold a certain degree of intellect, you will find increasingly…

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