What if Kashibai loves Mastana?

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Toofan Express.........................

“Bajirao Mastani” has indeed been a huge Block buster of the year 2015-2016. Have you seen this EPIC-saga?

Bajirao Mastani Poster 2.jpg

Have you felt that it was truly an Epic?

What was the strongest point of the movie according to you?

Most of the viewers who have seen this movie may answer – “Love story of Bajirao and Mastani“- was the strongest and most beautiful plot of the movie.

Love story of Bajirao.

Who was he?

A Peshwa(kinda Prime Minister of this age), a son of widow mother, a father of a son and last but not the least husband too!

So, Bajirao-Mastani was not just a love story of Bajirao, but was…

Love Story of a son,

Love Story of a Father,

Love Story of a Husband too!

Ji haan, We live in the nation that applauds on the dialogue- “हम जीते हे एक बार, मरते हे एक…

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